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Why Paramount?

The 10 reasons why YOU should rent from Paramount:


1) Locations
Paramount Management has a wide selection of properties in the Halifax Metropolitan Area. With great locations close to public transportation, shopping, healthcare, universities, dining and entertainment ,schools, parks and recreational facilities.

2) Service

We offer the highest level of service in the industry, while still providing residents with that "personal touch" that has set us apart from others. Renting from Paramount means comfort, a choice of ideal living accommodations and continued management support. 

All of our buildings have Property Managers who are well trained and make sure that the buildings are in excellent condition. 

3) Attention to Detail

Our attention to detail is never compromised which has allowed us to maintain the highest resident satisfaction in the city! We truly care about people and believe that our residents always come first. 

4) Peace of Mind

Your safety and security are of utmost importance to us.  We strive to make our buildings safe and secure with emergency and security services available to you 24 hours a day.  

5) Residential Communities

We don't just provide you with an apartment.  We provide you with a home & welcome you into a community. 

6) Real-time Apartment Availabilities 

Make sure you have a glance at our ‘Apartment Search’ and browse through our available listings. Professional and friendly staff available seven days a week (8am - 8pm) to answer to you needs. 


Refer a friend to live with Paramount Management - you'll both enjoy the perk of receiving $100!

Enjoy Residential Discounts from our local partners: Paramount Perks

8) Lifestyle

Choices to fit every lifestyle and budget, from value-oriented to luxury.

9) Easy Access

  • Submit your Maintenance Request Online! 
  • Submit an Apartment Alert Online! 
  • Our user friendly website makes it easier to access applications either by filling out a form online or printing an application to fill out.  You can easily Apply Online!  

10) Online Presence

We provide local news, entertainment & lots of giveaways for our Fans! Join us online - Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest


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Welcome to! If you are looking for apartment rentals in metro Halifax, Nova Scotia, you have come to the right place!

At, you can browse through information about properties all over the city so that you can make an informed rental choice. With over 800 Halifax apartments throughout metropolitan Halifax, 444Rent properties are well located throughout to meet your apartment rental needs. Our metro Halifax apartment rentals offer an extraordinary standard of living where residents can enjoy an environment that is safe, clean and inviting to guests.

444Rent offers a professional approach to metro Halifax apartment rentals with prompt, courteous customer service. Our staff of friendly professionals are available seven days a week (8am through 8pm) to answer any questions you may have. Conveniently located in Central Halifax, we can be reached by phone at 902.444.RENT (7368) or by e-mail at Drop-ins are always welcome.